www: my domains


My archive of fanfiction, original fiction and poetry, run using eFiction. Stories here date back as far as 2003 and the archive is updated every time I post a new piece, though I'm very slightly behind with it at present.


My hub domain for fanlistings and character shrines based on science/speculative fiction and fantasy subjects from various media, from Doctor Who and Battlestar Galactica (2003) to Final Fantasy and Tolkien's legendarium.


Another hub domain, solely for Farscape-related fanlistings, adopted from Banshee of avada-kedavra.net. It doesn't have an index page right now, but I wanted to include it here for completeness' sake.


subdomains of unfaithful-mirror.net

Tragic Adoration

My fanlisting collective, containing every fanlisting I own, both TFL-listed and otherwise, along with those I've joined and those I would like the chance to run. It also has a list for anyone who'd like to adopt any of my listings should I ever choose to give them up, so feel free to check that out too.


More coming soon.