Hello, and welcome to Version 2 of AFOW - A Fusion of Worlds.
Last Date Updated - 12th April 2008

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This section is all about me. Basically a mini-survey.

~ Name: Charlotte
~ Age: 20
~ Online names/nicknames: Char, Carro, Charlie, Freya, Gaia, Angua, Kelandra, Lillith, Lily.
~ Gender: Female
~ Birthday: 5th February
~ Western Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
~ Eastern Zodiac Sign: Dragon
~ Birthplace: Stafford, England
~ Lives: Gnosall, England
~ Height: 5'9'
~ Weight: 12st
~ Hair: Dyed red, looks very nice :)
~ Eye colour: Blue (changes to grey or green depending on mood)
~ Shoe size: 8
~ School: Not any more! Hoping to go to Stafford University in the next year or so.
~ Occupation: N/A atm
~ Marital Status: It's Complicated
~ Picture: Feel free to take a look and comment! If you would like to contact me, get in touch via my MySpace!

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A Fusion Of Worlds

This is Version 2 of A Fusion Of Worlds, made by myself and my sister Trialia. I made this site originally because I wanted something to do, and Trialia suggested I make a site about myself and the things that I enjoy. So here it is!

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This is a section mentioning just a few of my friends online with their online name, and their website (if they have one).

Online Friends
  • Zeshin and Aven - USA
  • Shadowsleet and Talon - Scotland
  • Aridus

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    Affiliates/Sibling Sites

    Hidden Realms
    This is one of my recommended sites, and my request for affiliation was successful :D!
    Hidden Realms

    My sister site is my real-life sister, Trialia.
    Unfaithful Mirror

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    Recommended Sites

    Well, this page has links to my favourite places online. :) Feel free to take a look at any or all of the sites I recommend, they are very good and high quality sites IMO :).

    Hidden Realms
    I am Lillith Larrianathasna (long name, I know :P) on this site, which is one of the best PbP roleplay sites around. It's lots of fun and everyone is very welcoming and nice to new members, so go take a look! :).

    Allegiance Chat Network
    I'm Military Trainee Freya in the ACN, where I began my online life XD! I started out there, and met most of my friends in the chat :).

    One of my favourite art sites, run by Aurore and featuring her wonderful pictures!

    Another of my favourite art sites. This one's run by Saturn Alice, take a look!

    8 Bit Theater
    Comic strip using the graphics from Final Fantasy I. Trust me, this is so hilarious and you should definitely go see it if you have such a twisted sense of humour as I do XD!

    Disturbed Official Website
    This is the first of my favourite band-sites, and it's fantastic. As you can see, one of my favourite bands is Disturbed! They are just so great, go see!

    KoRn Official Website
    I like this site too XD. I'm a fan of Korn, and I like most of their stuff. Go check out the site!

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