Domain was first registered on July 19th, 2004, and has been owned by me, Tria, all that time; its name originates in a deliberate alteration of a Massive Attack lyric, from the song Teardrop, which is one of my favourite songs, both in general and of the band's.

  I'm also a fan of the Cocteau Twins, and that Liz Fraser is the featured vocalist on this track (a rare occasion on which she can be found singing intelligible words, since she's more inclined towards mouth music) is yet another of the numerous reasons I love it so much. The original lyric from which my domain was named goes like this: Water is my eye, most faithful mirror, fearless on my breath.

  When first I heard the song, aged about 14 or 15, I fell in love with it, and later on in my life, when I finally had the opportunity to create and register a domain of my own at the age of 18, I was in the grip of a great many questions—as a lot of teenagers are, a lot of the time!—about the nature of my own identity and identity in general.

  Such thoughts being on my mind, the line most faithful mirror caught my imagination, and led me to wondering about the nature of all kinds of reflections, and what truth might be seen in a mirror, or not seen, as the case may be, as well as what the nature of faithfulness (and accuracy) might be for a sentient mirror. Would a faithful mirror reproduce someone's appearance exactly as it is, or be faithful to the person within the reflection and reproduce what would make the beholder happiest?

  All those thoughts working their way around my mind, I decided quite simply that I'd call my domain unfaithful mirror - when reduced to a single line, the thought behind it is that it's questionable, at best, whether any reflection - or any mirror - truly shows us as we are in every way. (Well, I've always been interested in philosophy and philosophical debate.)

  Someone whose name I can't recall greatly frustrated me by registering the domain for their fanlisting collective a few years ago, but I think it may have been kindly pointed out to them that it's not really the done thing to copy a custom domain name from someone in the same community if it isn't a direct transcription of a lyric or poetry, or something of the sort, and they let it lapse.



  This site has had numerous layouts over its eleven years, and unlike my meticulous tracking of the layouts my fanlisting collective has had, I haven't really managed to do the same with So there won't be much, if anything, here about them. The current layout, however, features the beautiful English stage, film and television actress Alex Kingston, whose fanlisting I run. I've been a fan of Alex since I was only about ten years old, so I feel it's appropriate to feature her on the revival of the very first domain I ever owned.

  The creation of this site mainly involved Adobe Photoshop CS (my preferred graphic design and editing program), Windows 7, Notepad and Mozilla Firefox and FileZilla, and the layout was tested for cross-compatibility using Firefox 35.0.1, Opera 26, Internet Explorer 11, Google Chrome 33 in both desktop mode and mobile for Android, Dolphin, and the default internet browser on my Samsung Galaxy Note 3 smartphone. Scripts used on the central domain itself include CodeSort and IconSort.

  My domain name is registered with NameCheap and my domain itself is hosted by Dreamhost, courtesy of the lovely Lora (